Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Iowa has a women’s tackle football team?

Yes, Iowa has a women’s tackle football team. Actually, women’s tackle football has been around Iowa for over 18 years.

  1. Is this like arena football?

No, the football the Iowa Phoenix plays is like the NCAA and the NFL.  We play on a 100-yard field in full helmet and shoulder pads against 11 on the opposing team.

  1. Do you get paid to play?

No, the athletes of the Iowa Phoenix do not get paid to play.  They actually have to pay for their own equipment and players fees.

  1. How do I become a part of the Iowa Phoenix?

Every off season we hold open tryouts for potential athletes that want to join the Phoenix.  Fill out the registration form at www.iowaphoenixfooball.com/registration-form.

  1. I am not in very good shape; will that impact me at tryouts?

Everyone has to start somewhere. We offer mini camps before tryouts to help athletes get into better shape before tryouts. Whether or not you attend minicamp, we will get you in to football shape.  We also partner with a local gym that athletes can go work out at.

  1. I have never played football before; how bad will that impact me at tryouts?

No experience with football is absolutely ok. We have an amazing coaching staff that teaches the game of football from the ground up.

  1. What is the time commitment required?

Official practices will start the first week of January. We will have 2 practices a week, usually 1 during the week and 1 on the weekends. Once we are able to start practicing outside, we might increase it to practices 3 days a week.  A lot of the athletes get together outside of practices to go over things in their free time.   Games usually start in April and are played on Saturdays. There are 3 home games and 3 away games.  Play offs will start in June and the National Championship will be in July.

  1. Where do we practice and play games?

Practices are held at facilities in West Des Moines and surrounding areas. This includes the Rec Plex in West Des Moines and Tiger Field at Valley High School. Occasionally we will practice at other venues if necessary. Our home games are usually at Valley Stadium in West Des Moines but may be at other locations around the Des Moines metro area. Our away games are in the Midwest, and we travel to and from on a team charter bus. Playoff game locations are TBD and championship weekend is at the Tom Benson Hall of Fame stadium in Canton, Ohio.

  1. Does the Iowa Phoenix offer any way to help with the expenses?

Yes, we have several different options to help the athletes with expenses.  We offer partnership packages that allow athletes the ability to go out in the public and find partners, part of those proceeds will go directly into their player accounts.  With the Iowa Phoenix being a 501c3 this helps to be able approach more businesses.

We also offer a program called “Adopt-a-Phoenix” where athletes can ask their family, friends, fans, and loved ones to adopt them.  The supporters who adopt players can donate any amount and 100% of the donation will go directly into that players’ account. Those adopting an athlete can also leave the athlete a message.

Additionally, we have a program that is called “Protect a Phoenix” that is only open to true rookies to football. Rookies submit an application for a scholarship that includes a brand-new helmet and a brand-new set of shoulder pads.

We also do various team and individual fundraisers throughout the season and off season.