And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise. Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength, more beautiful than ever before.

Shannen Heartzs

A fiery passion for the sport of football created a bond in a group of women rumbling for change.  A burning desire to build a solid foundation for women to participate in the sport of tackle football sparked the fire for the Phoenix to rise.

When a building burns to the ground, many components must cohesively fit together to create a new, strong foundation.

The mission of the Phoenix is to provide an environment where women from various backgrounds, professions, environments, and idiosyncrasies can come together as strangers to become impact one another in football…to support life in each other by insurmountable means.

The goal of the Phoenix is to challenge women to be stronger; as individuals, community members, teammates, and members of their own families.  We will cultivate an environment that is accepting of all, where each individual member is respected and an important piece of the foundation.


Iowa Phoenix Training Facility

Meet the Owners

Shannon Christensen

An Iowa native who grew up in a small town in northwest Iowa.  Unlike many, Shannon did not grow up with football, but her love of the Iowa Hawkeyes brought her to women’s tackle football. She brings her passion and determination in everything she does which has lead her teammates to believe she’s a superhero.  She has been playing women’s tackle football for the past 3 years.  Shannon brings 15 years of business and finance career experience to the daily operations.

Jennifer Trevillian

A Colorado native who migrated to Iowa.  She grew up with a love of football and was presented with the opportunity to play women’s tackle football here in Iowa. Jennifer demonstrates leadership on and off the field while her teammates hold her in the highest respect.  She has been playing women’s tackle football for the past 3 years.  Jennifer brings a new perspective to operations with a creative edge.  When Jennifer is not commanding the defense on the field, she commands a career within medical imaging.


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